Christina Forrer


Christina Forrer, Conversation, 2018, cotton, wool, and watercolor, 32.5 x 37.5 inches

Christina Forrer, Untitled with snake, 2017, cotton, wool, watercolor, and silk, 27 x 21.5 inches

Christina Forrer, Solid Sky, 2017, cotton, wool, watercolor, 31.5 x 36 inches

Christina Forrer, Cloud, 2018, cotton, wool, watercolor, and silk, 52 x 40 inches

Christina Forrer, Cloud (small version), 2018, cotton, wool, watercolor, and silk, 7 x 6 inches


Born in Zürich, Switzerland, and based in Los Angeles, Forrer makes tapestries that are psychologically charged, but often by means of energetic interaction dynamics suspended in a fraught narrative.  Brilliant, raucous, warm, and biting, they bring traditional Swiss textiles into a thoroughly contemporary comic context, inside jokes looming large in her brightly colored woven surfaces.  Recent institutional exhibitions include Grappling Hold at the Swiss Institute, New York (2017) and Unorthodox at the Jewish Museum, New York (2015).