Christina Forrer at TOA Presents

May 3, 2023

EXHIBITION | Minneapolis, MN | TOA Presents is thrilled to host Luhring Augustine for a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles-based artist Christina Forrer, including two textile works – a large-scale, cotton and wool weaving and a large-format fabric book – alongside five works on paper.

Animated by an interest in fairy tales, Christina Forrer’s vibrant weavings and electrifying works on paper explore the depths of human emotion. Depicted in her signature style of bold colors and rich patterning, her fantastical characters are rendered cartoonish with their exaggerated features and twisted, elongated forms. While many of her works portray moments of dramatic, explosive conflict, they also provide the viewer with glimpses into smaller, more personal terrors: private anxieties, internal tensions, and irrational fears.

Christina Forrer
May 19 – June 17, 2023