Rosa Barba Radiant Exposures—Facts Run on Light Beams These Days

May 3 - June 22, 2024

The Vault

Rosa Barba, Radiant Exposures - Facts Run on Light Beams These Days, 2022, 16mm film, 6 mins, Film still© Rosa Barba.

Press Release

In the Vault, CvsD is thrilled to present Radiant Exposures—Facts Run on Light Beams These Days, which returns to Italian-born, Berlin-based artist Rosa Barba's longstanding motifs of the desert and exploration of modern archives as manifestation of human desire for progress. The central image of the film is the human-made landscape with large expanses of rectangular panels reflecting the sunlight. These reflective panels concentrate sunlight, creating and collecting energy; the presence of the sun is made palpable by the shimmering light and the blurring of the imagery. Taking as its subtitle a quote from Donna Haraway, the film appears to represent a place outside of time and space – ethereal, timeless, unearthly. A threshold between creation and destruction where everything exists. The film's text combines fragments from a poem by Robert Creely (1926-2005) and lyrics by the musician and poet Sun Ra (1914-1993).

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