Writing In Water

Phil Wachsmann

Writing In Water


Gentle, incisive solo music for violin and electronics by one of the unsung giants of free improvisation. Philipp Wachsmann emerged in the fertile mid '70s underground free music scene in London, playing with everyone from Simon Mayo to Barry Guy to Derek Bailey to Evan Parker, starting a band called Chamberpot, making albums for the collective artist-run label he managed: Bead Records. These LPs, 26 of them in total, were made in tiny batches and are now rare as hen's teeth. Writing In Water, which was recorded in 1984, is the first of a series of Corbett vs. Dempsey reissues dedicated to the label, crucial chroniclers of British improvised music. Two side-long tracks are extremely patient, multi-layered, sometimes hushed, ultimately beautiful. Long out of print and never before on CD. Exact facsimile cover. Edition of 500.

Track Times:
Writing In Water (26:25)
Water Writing (19:55)

Phil Wachsmann
Violin and Electronics
7/9/84 Live at Actual Festival London

Artwork by Brigitte Eckel
Cover design by Gert Eckel
Verso photo by Erika Wachsmann