Dredd Foole & the Din - See God

Dredd Foole & the Din

See God (1985-1986)


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The third release in an ongoing series that will reconstruct the legacy known and the legacy damned of the most overlooked and under-documented American free rock unit, Dredd Foole and the Din.

After his miraculous two year collaboration with Mission of Burma came to an end, Dredd Foole found a full-time band — built with Peter Prescott’s Volcano Suns.

This new Dredd Foole and the Din would set the Boston scene on fire from 1984-1987, playing more shows in a given month than the Burma-Din had played during their entire run. The band is the longest running and most fully realized group that Dredd Foole has ever been part of, and the music bears it out. When most fans refer to the Din, this is the band they mean.

For the first time, their full story will be told.

This 2CD set features the complete Suns-Din era and almost doubles the group’s historical output: both of their never-before-reissued albums –– 1985’s Eat My Dust, Cleanse My Soul and 1988’s Take Off Your Skin –– plus unreleased studio tracks from multiple sessions and a bevy of never before heard live material from the height of the band’s powers, including a complete show –– all re/mastered from the original tapes, all seen through rare and ecstatic photos by Boston scene documentarian Pat Ireton, all framed by extensive liner notes by the project’s archivist.

The effort includes a painstakingly remixed Take Off Your Skin, the Din’s second album, recorded in ‘86 but not released until ‘88. This new mix reveals the under-distributed album as the band’s magnum opus.

After an exhaustive approach in which hundreds of live, studio, home, and private performances have been located and reviewed over several years, this monster third archival release is a both-barrels blast of peak radical expression music, proudly presented with the full cooperation of Dredd Foole, Volcano Suns, and guitarist Kenny Chambers.

2CD set, in a vintage-style tip-on trifold sleeve with color insert and extensive liner notes

Dredd Foole, guitar, vocals

Peter Prescott, drums

Jon Williams, guitar

Kenny Chambers, guitar

Jeff Weigand, bass

Previously unpublished photographs by Pat Ireton.

Produced and designed by Kris Price.