Rüdiger Carl, Joel Grip, Sven-Åke Johansson

In Early November


Two historical heavyweights of European free music, clarinetist Rüdiger Carl and drummer Sven-Åke Johansson, join forces with younger bassist Joel Grip for a night of incredible trios.  Recorded a few months before the pandemic clampdown, in November of 2019, at Berlin's Au Topsi Pohl, the music is exploratory and swinging, with Carl's viscous clarinet and a brilliant rhythm team steeped in time-based feel but loose and sometimes oblique.  Johansson was part of the first Peter Brötzmann Trio to commit music to wax, on For Adolphe Sax (BRÖ/FMP, 1967), and he was on the legendary Brötzmann Octet date Machine Gun (BRÖ/FMP, 1968); the drummer's 1972 solo outing Schlingerland kicked off the SAJ sub-label of FMP, so named for Johansson's initials, and he has made a slew of great records for his own label, also called SÅJ.  Playing tenor saxophone, Carl led a fiery group called Rüdiger Carl Inc., which recorded the classic King Alcohol (FMP, 1972); he was part of important groups with pianist Irene Schweizer, also playing clarinet and accordion, and has recorded with many of the leading improvisors in Europe.  Johansson and Carl have recorded together numerous times, including Fünfunddreissigvierzig (FMP, 1986) and Djungelmusik met Sång (Hapna, 2000).  This sparkling live set features three longer pieces, beautifully recorded, with a cover photo by Johansson and liner notes by Peter Margasak. 

1.first movement: Inflow (27:06)

2.second movement: Inflect (23:26)

3.third movement: Inflict (25:48)

Rüdiger Carl, clarinet

Joel Grip, double bass

Sven-Åke Johansson, drums

Recorded November 8/9, 2019 at Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, by Alexis Baskind. Mixed by SÅJand Alexis Baskind. Mastered by Alex Inglizian. All rights retained by the artists/GEMA. Cover photo by SÅJ (West Berlin, 1970). CD design by SÅJ and David Khan-Giordano. Produced by SÅJ and John Corbett.

CvsD CD078