Dead Level

Terri Kapsalis & John Corbett

Dead Level


Commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio in 2000 to create a radio work for the Outer Ear Festival, Kapsalis and Corbett returned to their investigation of film noir and pulp fiction, creating a half-hour work of non-narrative radio theater featuring music and text collage, as well as Kapsalis on violin and Corbett on analog synthesizer. Drawing on writers like Jim Thompson and David Goodis, as well as a lexicon of criminal terminology, it offers a Dada roller-coaster ride through diners, speakeasies, and crime scenes.

A radio noir by Terri Kapsalis and John Corbett

Runtime: 26 minutes

Recorded by Lou Mallozzi at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

Commissioned by ESS for the Outer Ear Festival, 2000

Cover image by Corey Escoto

Design by David Giordano