New 4K restoration of Cauleen Smith's 1998 feature debut 'Drylongso'

March 17, 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT | New York | A new 4K restoration of Cauleen Smith's feature debut Drylongso will begin screening at the Lincoln Center on March 17. Read more about Smith's seminal example of DIY filmmaking in the following news outlets:

THE NEW YORK TIMES | ‘Drylongso’ Review: Extraordinary
Cauleen Smith’s 1998 movie, set in Oakland in the mid-90s, remains a vivid and prescient feature debut.

THE BROOKLYN RAIL | Cauleen Smith with akané okoshi
Rail writer akané okoshi speaks with Cauleen Smith about her restoration of Drylongso.

HARPER'S BAZAAR | Drylongso is a Rediscovered Black Feminist Film Classic
A new restoration of Cauleen Smith's 1998 film brings the movie--about gender, race and class in Oakland, Ca--to a world finally ready for it.

HYPERALLERGIC | Cauleen Smith’s Drylongso Depicts a Bygone Oakland
Smith’s 1998 film exudes the DIY charm of a low-budget, first-time feature while keenly depicting the complexities of both race- and gender-related inequalities.