Jackie Saccoccio and Magalie Guerin in Abstraction: A Visual Language

June 5, 2015

CHICAGO – Rhona Hoffman Gallery is pleased to present Abstraction: A Visual Language, a group exhibition featuring work by Samantha Bittman, Magalie Guerin, Nancy Haynes, Kika Kardi, Jackie Saccoccio, Linnéa Spransy and Raycheal Stine.

The artists selected for this exhibition represent a wide variety of styles and impulses but each engages the painted surface as a platform, map, or screen upon which a concept is left to unravel itself. Each artist has found a sincere visual language used to investigate and rethink abstraction. Process is central, and in many instances the journey becomes the focus of the paintings’ production. Abstraction: A Visual Language presents innovative painters who are reanimating their practices using methods borrowed from the disciplines of textile and photography, the study of physics, practice of meditation, thus propelling abstract painting forward.

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