Ellen Berkenblit and Brian Calvin in group show at Vielmetter Los Angeles

July 8, 2023

EXHIBITION | Los Angeles, CA | Ellen Berkenblit and Brian Calvin included in Perpetual Portrait, a group exhibition at Vielmetter Los Angeles featuring the work of thirty artists drawn both from and outside the gallery’s program who engage in notions of portraiture. Focusing on artists who have made the portrait a central part of their practice, the exhibition will span all three galleries and will be on view from July 8 to August 18. It brings together a multitude of approaches and perspectives by artists from different generations and cultural perspectives to situate our understanding of the genre into a new and complex framework. While cross references abound, several themes resonate throughout the exhibition and show how the portrait is used: as self-reflection, as a symbol, as a trigger, and as a tool to address larger societal and historical issues.

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Perpetual Portrait
July 8–August 18, 2023