Cauleen Smith solo exhibition at Morán Morán, Los Angeles

Nov. 4, 2022

EXHIBITION | Los Angeles, CA | Morán Morán is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring Cauleen Smith’s new work, titled My Caldera, which is her first solo presentation at the gallery. Articulating Smith’s range, this show includes video and sound, textiles, sculptures, works on paper, and site-specific installation devices. The overall effect is an immersive environment that thematically analogizes aspects of volcanoes, as indicated by the show’s title: “caldera” is the word for the depression that results at the apex, post-eruption. Smith uses the volcano as a metaphor to signal crisis, to figuratively express intense emotion, or the planet’s force, but also to consider the regenerative properties of eruptions – how these events create new land, ones without the burden of human history.

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My Caldera
November 4–December 22, 2022