Lilli Carré Stone Fruit

October 14 - November 12, 2022

The Vault

Film still from Lilli Carré, Stone Fruit, 2022, 2min loop, 1920 x 1080px

Press Release

In The Vault, CvsD is pleased to debut "Stone Fruit" by Lilli Carré. The artist writes: "'Stone Fruit' is a hand-drawn animation created with the straight ahead technique, where animation frames are not planned but each drawing builds intuitively upon the last, at twelve drawings per second. It’s a process that invites id and improvisation, allowing the unconscious mind into the piece as it grows. 'Stone Fruit' was drawn while ruminating on personal and societal concerns around body and germination in this particular moment." Carré currently teaches in the Experimental Animation department at CalArts. She is represented by Western Exhibitions, courtesy of whom "Stone Fruit" appears.