Full Frontal a Dirty, Lewd, Erotic Show

July 14 - August 26, 2006

Main Gallery


Robert Lostutter

oil on canvas
67.75" x 67.75"

Press Release

Featuring paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, books and sculpture by Roger Brown, Seymour Rosofsky, Philip Hanson, Faith Wilding, Margot Bergman, Jimmy Wright, Ann Starr, Macena Barton, Murray Simon, Robert Lostutter, Peter Brötzmann, Tom Van Eynde, Robert Amft, Tristan Meinecke, Henry Simon, Walter Sanford, Robert Donley, Simone Shubuck, Jim Lutes, Linda Kramer, Jim Nutt, Gladys Nilsson, Tim Howe, Polly Noonan, Thomas King Baker, John Sparagana, Kerig Pope, and Laura Szumowski.

SPECIAL EVENT-Saturday, July 29, 7:30PM + Dirty Found Sullies Chicago + Join Dirty Founder Jason Bitner and friends as we celebrate the best raunchy lost-and-discovered stuff from around the world. Too nasty for our PG-13 sister, we were forced to create a new home for these *special* finds. Witness a pervy Powerpoint presentation, experience the Dirty Found XXX Survey, and share your smutty finds. For adults only!