And The Chicago Imagists

Hairy Who

And The Chicago Imagists


In the mid 1960s, Chicago was an incubator for an iconoclastic group of artists collectively known as the Imagists. A cousin to the contemporaneous phenomenon of Pop art, Chicago Imagism took its own weird, wondrous, in-your-face approach. The Imagist artists--including Roger Brown, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Ed Paschke, Christina Ramberg and Karl Wirsum--each had his or her own unmistakable style: scatological, meticulous, comical and absurd. Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists is the first film to tell the Imagists' whole story, from their notoriety in the 1960s to their 21st-century resurgence in popularity. Almost 50 years after their first show, the Imagists have influenced generations of artists, from Jeff Koons to Chris Ware. With a wealth of archival footage and photographs, the film also includes over 40 interviews with critics, curators, collectors, artists and the Imagists themselves.


Directed by
Leslie Buchbinder

Produced by
Brian Ashby

Written by
John Corbett

Edited by
Ben Kolak

Music by
Tomeka Reid

Narrated by
Cheryl Lynn Bruce

Animations & Titles by
Lilly Carré

Motion Graphics by
Julius Dobiesz

Sound Design by
Alex Inglizian

Packaging Design by

Supported by
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

ISBN 978-0-692-48140-0